The history of the African American Veterans Arts and Culture Corporation AAVACC is a testament to resilience, perseverance, and the unstoppable force of a singular vision. It stands as a beacon, not just for African American veterans but for a nation awakening to the richness and diversity of its military heritage.

In the spring of 2018, an intensity of spirit ignited within Debbera M. Ransom, a seasoned veteran and former military police woman. It was a passion fueled by unwavering dedication—to unveil the concealed narratives of valor and sacrifice woven into the fabric of African American military history.

Debbera had felt the sting of oversight, the gaping absence of acknowledgment that had persisted for too long. Each Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and National Purple Heart Day passed like a haunting echo of unspoken heroism, leaving the stories of African American military personnel muffled in the winds of neglect.

Driven by an unyielding resolve to honor these unsung heroes and "sheroes", Debbera embarked on a mission. With an unmatched feeling of intensity, she laid the cornerstone of the African American Veterans Arts and Culture Corporation (AAVACC). It is a beacon of hope, upholding the forgotten legacies of African American military personnel to find a voice, resonance, and reverence.

The inception of AAVACC is a declaration—a testament to reclaiming history, to weave tales of bravery into the collective consciousness of a nation. Through art, culture, and tireless advocacy, this organization seeks to illuminate the obscured chapters of African American military contributions.

It is a journey fraught with challenges, battling against ingrained oversights and systemic neglect. Yet, Debbera stands undeterred, rallying veterans and supporters alike to join the cause. AAVACC became a rallying cry, a movement swelling with the collective yearning for recognition and justice.

Through the years, this organization carved pathways of remembrance, hosting exhibitions, cultural celebrations, and educational initiatives. It has become a haven where the valorous tales of African American Military Heroes and Sheroes bloom, resonating through galleries, classrooms, and the hearts of all that will listen.

Debbera's unwavering commitment and AAVACC's relentless pursuit begin to sow seeds of change. Slowly, but surely, the cultural landscape is shifting. The efforts rippling through ceremonies and events once devoid of diverse narratives, infusing them with the vibrant hues of inclusion. The ongoing saga of honoring legacies and celebrating valor, the story of AAVACC remains a narrative etched into the annals of history, forever blazing a trail toward recognition, respect, and unity.

Our mission STATEMENT

AAVACC's Mission Statement is "Preserving legacies and celebrating valor through diverse cultural expressions."


"Cherishing legacies,

honoring valor through diversity."